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To all my awesome Patrons who have spent many hours testing, creating, playing, building, helping, supporting, and making the creation of this modpack an awesome experience!


Thank you to Sanari (my cat) for the company & cuddles when I've needed them the most.


Thank you to Homac for the creation of the #litwr Launcher.


Thank you to Eric Beaudu the Logo Designer and Channel Art Illustrator.


Thank you to Kyle Landry the Composer and Performer for Life in the Woods Theme Music.


Thank you also to Ryuski our Subreddit and Stream Overlay Designer.


Thanks to Vortex Servers



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Thank you to Vintagebeef & Arkas for their videos, and showing their appreciation and enjoying Life in the Woods.


Forge 1.7.10-

Ancient Trees (+ KoreSample)

by scottkillen



by Click_Me


Antique Atlas

by Hunternif


Applecore (Hunger Overhaul Dependency)

by Squeek502
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by lemonszz



by Eydamos


Better Foliage

by OctarineNoise


BiblioCraft (+ BoP + ExtraBiomesXL Addons)

by Nuchaz

Support Nuchaz on Patreon


Biomes O' Plenty

by Glitchfiend, Addubz

Support Addubz on Patreon


Carpenter's Blocks

by Mineshopper


Chisel 2

by TheCricket26

Easy Crafting

by Lepko


Enchanting Plus

by mssodin28, GnRSlash (original authors Qizzok, xkyouchoux)

Support mssodin28 on Patreon


Extra Biomes XL

by Annysia


Extra Buttons

by jaquandro


Garden Stuff

by jaquandro


Gravestone Mod

by Subaraki


Hopper Ducts

by FyberOptic


Hunger Overhaul (+ AppleCore)

by Parker8283

Support Parket8283 on Patreon


Not Enough Items (+ CodeChickenCore)

by chicken_bones


Pam's HarvestCraft

by Pam, Rhodox

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Plant Mega Pack

by 10paktimbits


Redstone Paste Mod

by FyberOptic



by AtomicStryker

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Simple Refinement

by FyberOptic


Sound Filters

by Tmtravlr

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Storage Drawers (+ BoP Addon)

by jaquadro


Streams (+ Farseek)

by delvr

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Underground Biomes Constructs

by Zeno410


Vegan Option

by Squeek502

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by ProfMobius
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Inventory Tweaks



Dynamic Lights



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