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Please Use with Java 64-bit (8)
Shader options (downloaded separately & externally) require very good graphics (2Gb) & updated drivers.
A minimum of 1-Gb Hard Disk Space recommended.


'Just the mod files' coming soon

Server files to be added shortly


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Frequently Asked Questions last updated: 13-Feb-2016
Flickering with Shaders Enabled:
Issue is caused by multi-threaded chunk loading. Working solutions found so far:
Update graphics card driver.
If (1) is not satisfying, go in Options -> Video Settings and set Chunk Loading to either Default or Smooth. This is a reliable solution because it solves the root cause but that reduces FPS, too.
Adjustment of NVidea settings (not Minecraft): turn Threaded Optimization or OpenGL Optimization off and turn Vertical Sync to on.
I cannot find the folders saves, screenshots etc.
The LitWR launcher creates a separate installation of Minecraft and all required mods in /.litwrl. This folder contains subfolders: games LitWR.Basic LitWR.Hunger etc. .. Depending on which LitWR variant you are playing ( Basic or Hungry) you will find all those folders in these two directories.
See-through on Different Objects with Shaders Enabled
This is a confirmed bug for ATI graphics cards with Sildurs shaders in version 1.13. Current solution: Download and install a different shader (e.g. Sildur's Medium v1.08).
Game Crashes with "NullPointerException" or "Ticking Memory .." Originally, it is a memory issue (meaning the JVM doesn't get enough memory or can't free memory fast enough). The issue is most probably caused by the world generator - at least it occurs always during chunk loading. The launcher maximises the memory size given to Minecraft according to the memory size of your system to minimise the possibility of this issue to occur, but it still happens occasionally. There is no way we could fix it but you can significantly reduce the probability of this issue by using the following workarounds. Workarounds (multiple choices):
Close other applications which consume lots of memory (this improves memory availability especially during start). When you experience significant lag, then wait until the world around you has been generated properly (especially in creative mode when flying over the world).
Reduce Video Settings -> Render Distance to 12 or lower. Reduce Video Settings -> Fog Start.
Can't change the games folder on config tab
This feature is simply not yet supported by the launcher. If you really need it then use the original Minecraft launcher. If you want to use the files which have already been installed by the LitWR launcher, then follow these steps: Copy the folder /.litwrl/games to the new location where you want your profiles to be stored. Open the command prompt. Start the Minecraft launcher with the following command: java -jar /.litwrl/repository/thirdparty/minecraft/bootstrap/05/Minecraft.jar --workDir , where stands for the minecraft working directory used by the launcher. By default this is /.litwrl/minecraft but you might have changed it in the config tab of the launcher. In the running minecraft launcher navigate to the profile edit tab and adjust the working directory for each existing profile. Launch in any of the profiles with the Minecraft launcher as usual. If you follow this procedure, it is recommended to create a desktop shortcut with the command given in (3) since you will need it to start the Minecraft launcher for LitWR from now on. I have to relogin each time I switch from a different Minecraft installation The launcher can share the Minecraft directory with your usuall Minecraft installation. In this case you will not have to relogin when you switch between Life in the Woods Renaissance and your usual Minecraft installation
(see also Section Configuration in the user manual). "">Configuration in the user manual). 



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