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Flickering with Shaders Enabled
Issue is caused by multi-threaded chunk loading. 
Working solutions found so far: 
  1. Update graphics card driver.
  2. If (1) is not satisfying, go in Options -> Video Settings and set Chunk Loading to either Default or Smooth. This is a reliable solution because it solves the root cause but that reduces FPS, too.
  3. Adjustment of NVidea settings (not Minecraft):
    • turn Threaded Optimization or OpenGL Optimization off and
    • turn Vertical Sync to on.
I cannot find the folders saves, screenshots etc.
The LitWR launcher creates a separate installation of Minecraft and all required mods in <your-home-folder>/.litwrl. This folder contains subfolders:
  • games
    • LitWR.Basic
    • LitWR.Hunger
  • etc. ..
Depending on which LitWR variant you are playing ( Basic or Hungry) you will find all those folders in these two directories.
See-through on Different Objects with Shaders Enabled
This is a confirmed bug for ATI graphics cards with Sildurs shaders in version 1.13. 
Current solution: Download and install a different shader (e.g. Sildur's Medium v1.08).
Game Crashes with "NullPointerException" or "Ticking Memory .."
Originally, it is a memory issue (meaning the JVM doesn't get enough memory or can't free memory fast enough). The issue is most probably caused by the world generator - at least it occurs always during chunk loading. The launcher maximises the memory size given to Minecraft according to the memory size of your system to minimise the possibility of this issue to occur, but it still happens occasionally. There is no way we could fix it but you can significantly reduce the probability of this issue by using the following workarounds. 
Workarounds (multiple choices): 
  • Close other applications which consume lots of memory (this improves memory availability especially during start).
  • When you experience significant lag, then wait until the world around you has been generated properly (especially in creative mode when flying over the world).
  • Reduce Video Settings -> Render Distance to 12 or lower.
  • Reduce Video Settings -> Fog Start.
Can't change the games folder on config tab
This feature is simply not yet supported by the launcher. If you really need it then use the original Minecraft launcher. If you want to use the files which have already been installed by the LitWR launcher, then follow these steps:
  1. Copy the folder <your-home-dir>/.litwrl/games to the new location where you want your profiles to be stored.
  2. Open the command prompt.
  3. Start the Minecraft launcher with the following command: java -jar <your-home-dir>/.litwrl/repository/thirdparty/minecraft/bootstrap/05/Minecraft.jar --workDir <minecraft-dir>, where<minecraft-dir> stands for the minecraft working directory used by the launcher. By default this is <your-home-dir>/.litwrl/minecraft but you might have changed it in the config tab of the launcher.
  4. In the running minecraft launcher navigate to the profile edit tab and adjust the working directory for each existing profile.
  5. Launch in any of the profiles with the Minecraft launcher as usual.

If you follow this procedure, it is recommended to create a desktop shortcut with the command given in (3) since you will need it to start the Minecraft launcher for LitWR from now on.

I have to relogin each time I switch from a different Minecraft installation
The launcher can share the Minecraft directory with your usuall Minecraft installation. In this case you will not have to relogin when you switch between Life in the Woods Renaissance and your usual Minecraft installation (see also Section Configuration in the user manual). 



Please read the Litwr Launcher help file which is the same as here:


Getting Started

Due to changes to hunger mechanics and food properties, it might get a bit tough to get started if you try to play it the usual vanilla Minecraft style. Thus, I've added a brief guide on those two topics. At the end of this guide is also a list with references to documentation for further reading you should look into later on when you have proceeded a bit in the game. There are definitely other things you will need (such as backpacks or cooking pot) or you would like to try out (such as bee keeping or the vegan recipes).

- homac

Food provides less saturation than in vanilla Minecraft and you get hungry quicker depending on your activity.

Food Value
The saturation provided by certain food depends on its food value. You can see the value of food in your inventory when hovering the mouse over it.

Effects from Hunger and Eating

Health regeneration is slower, the more hungry you are but you regenerate health even if you have lost more than three chunks. Also, you will get generally slower and weaker the more hungry you are. When your hunger bar is empty you finally die instantly.
After you have eaten a meal you get the Well Fed bonus effect which regenerates your health up-to 30% faster. The effect lasts longer the larger the meal was and is displayed as yellow border around the icons in your hunger bar.

Further Reading

Apple Core
Hunger Overhaul
Naturally Growing Food

When you spawn fresh, you should start soon to collect food from natural resources and in some biomes, animals are rare. Besides the vanilla Minecraft fruits/vegetables/mushrooms there are different fruits and berries etc. to eat.

Fruits of Naturally Grown Bushes or Plants
Punch the plants to collect up-to three random fruits/vegetables of different types each. Bushes, cacti and other plants propagate naturally the same way as mushrooms do.

You can eat vanilla mushrooms if you cook them in a furnace. In some biomes, those are the only food resource.
Fruits of Trees

Right click to harvest a fruit. Another young fruit will appear at the same spot which needs to grow before harvesting again. You can also punch the fruit, to remove and receive that fruit from the tree.

Further Reading

Harvest Craft
Plant Mega Pack
Collecting Seeds

You cannot get seeds from punching grass!

You need an iron or better hoe (wood hoes do not exist). Right click with the hoe on grass blocks (not close to water) will give you seeds to grow wheat. Please note, that the hoe looses durability very quick!

Vegetables, Berries, etc.
You get seeds from fruits/vegetables by crafting (one seed for one fruit), the same way as with melons or pumpkins.
Fruits of Trees
Saplings for fruit trees are crafted from a common oak sapling plus a fruit.
Crops need daylight to grow (not torches). Plants grow with different speed or not at all depending on the biome and the farmland they are planted on. Seeds may even pop out of the earth if their conditions are not met. Hover with your mouse over the seed in your inventory to get information about the conditions needed.
Seeds need farmland to grow a plant. There are two different types of farmland:
Vanilla Minecraft Farmland
The common farmland you know from Minecraft already with the same properties.
Tilled Garden Soil
This type of farmland increases growing speed, is self-hydrating and resistant against trampeling. It is crafted from dirt and compost.
To harvest your crops (wheat/vegetables/berries) you right click them. This harvests the fruit, vegetable or whatever but the plant remains planted.
You cannot harvest a plant which is immature. You can see its grown state in the lower right corner of the screen when looking at the plant.
Further Reading
Auto Sapling
Garden Stuff
Harvest Craft
Hunger Overhaul
Plant Mega Pack
References to Documentation
This is a list to existing documentation of all included mods that alter gameplay in any way.
Animals Plus
Antique Atlas
Apple Core
Auto Sapling
Better Foliage
Biblio Craft
Carpenter's Blocks
Chisel 2
Easy Crafting
Extra Buttons
Garden Stuff
Harvest Craft (related wiki)
Hopper Ducts
Hunger Overhaul
Inventor Tweaks
Not Enough Items
Plant Mega Pack
Redstone Paste
Simple Refinement
Storage Drawers
The Vegan Option



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